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[EU] ProjectLazarus Original: 2x Free-Battlepass|Skill|Youtubers|Economy+ Server Image
[EU] ProjectLazarus Original: 2x Free-Battlepass|Skill|Youtubers|Economy+ Project Lazarus Maps
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[EU] Project Lazarus Vanilla - MAIN 2x | MAX 8 | FULL WIPED 17/5 Server Image
[EU] Project Lazarus Vanilla - MAIN 2x | MAX 8 | FULL WIPED 17/5 Project Lazarus Maps
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✦ Staff always have the final say.
✦ No advertising or self-promoting.
✦ No spamming text or voice channels.
✦ No tagging staff or opening a ticket unless your request is valid.
✦ No posting of hacking websites or suspicious links.
✦ No posting of nudity or anything NSFW, in any channel.
✦ No posting anything hateful, toxic, discriminatory, or prejudice.
✦ Please be mindful of channels and their uses as each channel exists for a reason.

✦ Using 3rd party applications to gain an advantage will result in a ban. This includes cheating, scripts, and macros.
✦ No Spamming chat, microphone spamming, being racist, or advertising is not allowed.
✦ No abusing game/server exploits.
✦ No stream sniping.
✦ Impersonating/disrespecting staff members will result in being banned.
✦ You are not allowed to completely wall off any monument. This does not include quarries.
✦ Ban evading will result in a permanent ban.
✦ No excessive camping in/around safezone outposts (staff can determine the meaning of excessive)
✦ No excessive trolling in/around safezones (staff can determine the meaning of excessive)
✦ You are not allowed to play on our servers if you have a RUST game ban within 90 days.
✦ We reserve the right to ban any player or party, for any reason, at any time.
✦ If you have multiple game banned alt accounts you will be banned.
Defamation: (such as slander or libel) of the server is not tolerated in-game or on our public channels and will be moderated at our discretion. Players who often do this are only seeking to frustrate other players on the server or our staff. They make it clear through their messages that they are extremely unsatisfied on the server yet continue to play which further shows they are only trying to impact the entire server with their toxicity.
Offensive materials: on in-game items are not allowed, admins may change or destroy these items without warning. This includes all items in which a player can edit and leave customized messages, fireworks, and/or artwork.
Real-life threats: are not allowed. We will take action on threats based on their severity. We consider doxing as releasing information that is gathered from sources from outside of Steam, Rust, Server Discord, or provided willingly by yourself. Action will only be taken under this point if the information is deemed credible and is not just hearsay.
Toxicity: where players are impacting the entire server, is not allowed. An example would be spamming a message in chat, racism, promoting self-harm, etc. Moderation can take place if players are purposely bypassing the server filter.

We work extremely hard to create a server that is enjoyable for all players. We understand that sometimes you may not be happy or agree with our decisions and we invite you to reach out to us via the ticket system in our Discord to voice your concerns.

✦ As a police officer do not go out of your way to troll civilians and ruin their experience. An example of this would be an officer keeping a civilian restrained with no means of processing them at the police station.
✦ As a Police Officer you are NOT allowed to team with civilians. This means you cannot help them during raids or robberies.
✦ Players are not allowed to place any type of object/entity in front of property doors.

Team members can be rotated at any point in time. When swapping out team members you must ensure their bed/bag has been destroyed and their sleeping body killed. You are not allowed to share base resources with other players who are not in your team as this is classified as an alliance. You may be civil with other groups but are not allowed to work together (roaming/raiding together). If we see alliances forming, both groups will be banned for 24 hours.

*Maximum group limit for the server is allowed per roaming team.

*Maximum group limit for the server is allowed in the base at any time.

Gang members can be rotated at any time. However, please make sure to remove any sleeping bodies from properties before doing so. Players are permitted to interact and engage in trading with each other. They are also allowed to enter someone elses property and move around freely. Please note that teams are not permitted to participate in PVP/Raid activities in collaboration. It is not allowed to jointly defend resources or items against another gang. If a gang enters a KOS zone, the protocol is to target all members, with no alliances forming under any circumstances. Teams are not allowed to defend each others properties either. If we see the above rules being broken then both groups will be banned for 24 hours.

*The maximum group limit for the life servers is 4 members.

We pride ourselves on verifying and collecting enough evidence before issuing bans. We will not ban players for hearsay or without proof that rules were violated, if you are banned you should understand that it was determined warranted.

The duration of a ban depends on the violation (listed above). We will make attempts to close base doors, upkeep and deposit loot from any player characters who may have been banned while outside of their base however this is done as a courtesy gesture of goodwill and is not guaranteed.

Attempts should be made to privately send the coordinates of your base(s) to the moderators by opening a ticket in our Discord as otherwise, we may be unable to locate your base.

We are not responsible for any issues that arise during the period of your ban/appeal, this includes raids/PvP interactions occurring at the time of the ban or to players "sleeping" after being disconnected.

A second suspension within a year for any violation involving team/base/allied distance limits will be permanent with limited options to appeal directly to administrators. Any third violations are permanent with no appeal.


Project Lazarus servers are expertly crafted game servers, that offer players a distinct and enhanced gameplay experience. These servers present a unique set of rules, settings, and features, elevating the game to new heights of excitement.

The concept of Project Lazarus servers emerged from the ambition to provide players with a wide range of gameplay options within the Rust universe. These servers frequently introduce custom modifications, plugins, and adjustments to establish a one-of-a-kind gameplay environment.

Balances at ATMs, XP levels, redemption points, and the map will be wipe in line with each respective servers schedule. This implies that only blueprints, quests, and perks/skills will remain consistent through each reset.

Please note that on the first Friday of every month, all progress will be reset. This encompasses all blueprints, quests, and perks/skills.

Wipe times can be found in the #information channel in discord.

The Life gamemode will conduct a half-wipe every two weeks and a full-wipe once a month on the first Friday of the month.

✦ ATM Balances
✦ Reputation Points
✦ Gang Skills & Balanace
✦ All Properties And In-Game Items

✦ ATM Balances
✦ Battlepass Progression & Skill Points
✦ Reputation Points
✦ Gang Skills & Balanace
✦ Occupation Progression
✦ All Properties And In-Game Items

✦ The Original game-mode has a four-man group limit.
✦ The Life game-mode has a four-man group limit.

Keycards can be obtained from the following monuments: Lazarus Puzzles


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